Dr. Yeomans' Spring 2019 message

Dr. YeomansThis spring and summer the Puyallup School District put the final touches on several projects that represent long-term promises made to our community. The most obvious of these are the many elementary school projects with four new or rebuilt elementary schools opening in September 2019, and the Pope Elementary remodel opening the following year.

When the community entrusted the district with 69 percent support on the November 2015 bond issue, it was an expectation that all of the promised projects would be delivered on time and on budget. I am happy to report we will be exceeding the expectations of the community by a sizable margin. Not only will the promised projects be a great addition to the school children and the community, they have been managed so carefully that additional resources will be available to complete several other much-needed capital projects as well.

Careful stewardship of public dollars has been a top priority of the district over the past several years. The refinancing of long-term debt will save Puyallup taxpayers more than $23 million during the term of the bonds. Wise investments in new buses have provided extensive new revenues to the district transportation system and savings in operational costs, fuel efficiency, and emissions that will benefit the community for years into the future. The expansion of alternative learning opportunities has been instituted on a fully self-sustaining financial basis. Before- and after-school child care is in every elementary school serving over 1,220 students each day. It is available to families at very reasonable rates throughout the school year, during summer, and during school breaks. By creating this partnership with a private entity, Right At School, there is no cost to the local taxpayer, and the district is able to cover the operational costs of the school buildings.

Innovative partnerships with the University of Washington Tacoma and Clover Park Technical College provide advantages for Puyallup students that are unique in our state. Pathways to Promise allows automatic admission to UW Tacoma for students who meet the criteria. The Nursing Assistant Certificate Program in all three comprehensive high schools is a collaborative effort between the district and Clover Park Technical College.

Over the past seven years, the Puyallup School Board and the district have 
endeavored to make lasting improvements in the educational programs and school facilities for our community while showing great stewardship for the dollars that have been provided by our taxpayers. It makes me very proud to say that we have been able to follow through on those commitments and do so in a way that shows our commitment to the community we serve.


Dr. Timothy S. Yeomans, Superintendent
Puyallup School District