Students will receive grades as outlined in Puyallup School District Board Policy 2420 and 2420R with minimal adjustments to account for the realities of online learning. It is the  District’s intention to implement equitable grading and assessment practices which do not deepen/widen the opportunity gap while still providing an accurate reflection of student understanding of subject/course standards, concepts, and skills.



  • • Super Standards have been identified as the most important topics of learning in each grade and will be used to assess student performance. 

  • • Grades will be given on the report card each trimester. 

  • • Assignments and Quizzes/Tests will be graded on the PSD 4-point scale.

  • Grades will be given using standards-based practice (see below)

  • » 4     At or above the expected learning target with consistency, accuracy, and quality for the period measured. 

  • » 3     Consistently on target for mastery of the standard by the end of the school year. 

  • » 2+  Below  grade level performance but are progressing toward proficiency of grade level standards.

  • » 2     Below grade level performance but are still meeting some parts of the grade levels standards. 

  • » 1+  Below grade level performance but are progressing toward meeting some grade level standards.

  • » 1     Significantly below grade level performance


All students in grades 7 - 12 will receive grades based on the regular PSD Grading Scale of A through F. Feedback will be provided weekly via Schoology. Academic integrity is paramount.  Reassessments are extended to 15 days (AP classes remain at 10 days). Academic integrity samples are shared through Schoology and in the FAQs.