Welcome to the Stewart Library!

I look forward to serving our Stewart Stars this year on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. My name is Holly Moody, and I am the Librarian at Stewart this year. My library assistant is Nancy Mathieson.

Students are responsible for care and return of their library books.

Kinders will begin checkouts in late October. They will be asked to leave their library books at school, but that is up to each classroom teacher.

First grade is already checking out books, and they usually leave them at school. However, they know the best place to put their book when they are finished reading is in their backpack! They may choose a new book every week.

Second and third graders are now able to check out two books. They need to remember to return them within 2 weeks to be allowed new books each week.

Fourth through sixth graders are able to check out two books as well, and they may keep them for 3 weeks. If they have not finished a book in 3 weeks, they can choose to renew the book for additional time.

Most teachers require at least one of the books checked out to be an AR book in their reading level. Students know this expectation. Their second book can be either higher or lower than their reading level, and sometimes they choose a book that is not AR at all, and that is perfectly fine!